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Sept 22-24, 2017

About Tracy:  Tracy Sklenar has been training dogs and competing in dog agility for over 10 years. She is the Training Director of Leader of the Pack ( in central New York State and is a longtime instructor at Susan Garrett’s Say Yes! Dog Training ( in Ontario, Canada. Tracy has trained extensively with Susan Garrett, Bob Bailey, Greg and Laura Derrett and Susan Salo, implementing their methods into her training and teaching. She has also been lucky enough to work on the “mental game” with Olympic-champion turned agility champion, Greg Louganis. Tracy is also a regular contributor of training articles and event coverage to Clean Run and

DogSport magazines. Before moving to central New York, Tracy was on the staff of the Behavior Department of the ASPCA in New York City, and has appeared on Animal Planet’s “Animal Precinct.”

Tracy has competed successfully in agility with a variety of dogs of shapes, sizes and temperaments. Currently, she shares her life with 5 dogs: 2 Dalmatians (11 year old Pierce and 10 year old Samson, both retired from agility), a Rat Terrier (8 year old Rebound) and 2 mixed breeds (4 year old Export and 14 month old Matrix). In the ring, their runs are noted for accuracy, consistency and speed. Besides putting numerous titles on the dogs, Tracy and her canine partners have earned multiple wins and placements at local, Regional and National events.

In 2009, Rebound and Export both enjoyed tremendous success in the ring: Rebound began the year by finishing 5th overall in the Ontario regionals, followed by

finishing 8th overall at Canadian Nationals. He ran clean and fast in every run at the USDAA World Cynosport Games, earning his way to a 5th place finish in the

Performance Grand Prix finals. Export won or placed in a variety of classes at Regionals in both the US and Canada, including winning the Regional Grand Prix at the

USDAA Rocky Mountain Regional. In July, Export represented the U.S. at the European Open and has been invited back for 2010. At the USDAA World Cynosport

Games, Export ran to a 7th place finish in the Finals of the Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships!

As a coach/instructor, Tracy teaches local classes, seminars throughout North American and has been the Team Manager for the Canadian World Team at the IFCS

World Agility Championships in 2008 (Belgium) and in 2010 (the UK.) Tracy uses positive reinforcement, games and shaping to build brilliant behaviors in the dogs

while teaching the handlers to be consistent and positive in their handling and dog training. She emphasizes teamwork, consistency, mental focus, play and fun for both the handler and the dog.

This seminar will be held in our fully climate controlled indoor facility.  The surface is Sprinturf with rubber inlay with all state of the art equipment.


This camp will be for small/medium (17” and under) teams only. It is designed for the high level competitor with small and medium dogs, particularly folks interested in or preparing for big events. Topics will include: connection perfection, small dog big commitment, timing and trusting, feet forward handling options, mental endurance for start to finish success, so many options-which is fastest, international challenges, big event prep and how to go for the win without losing your mindJ  Friday evening will be lecture (no dogs) on mental prep and tools for mental recovery and the keys to staying focused and not letting fatigue get the best of you.


Fri Sept 22     6:00pm – 9:00pm

Sat Sept 23    9:00am – 5:00pm

Sun Sept 24   9:00am – 5:00pm


Cost: $495 for all 3 days

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