Barbara Currier
Blind Crosses-
Where, When and How!
Sat March 10, 2018

Would you love to feel comfortable executing Blind Crosses? Are unsure of the best places to put them or feel like your dog doesn’t read them. If you answered yes to any of these questions then the mini clinic is for you!

In this clinic we will run multiple shorts courses that will show you the best places to put BC and where other options may be better. You will learn the most efficient paths and critical points for you to run to and timing so your dog has all the information they need when they need it.

Dogs must be able to sequence at least 10 obstacles in a row. There will be no contacts or weaves in this clinic so young dogs are welcome!

There is a limit of 8 working spots.

This seminar will be held in our air conditioned indoor facility. The footing is sprinturf with rubber inlay and all state of the art equipment.

Sat March 10 9am-1pm
Working: $75.00
Audit: $30.00

Attached is the Registration Form in Word Doc and PDF

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