My Dogs


In May 2010 Barbara adopted Blitz a 10 months old male Border Collie from Bimmer’s Border Collie Rescue. He is a wonderful steady boy that enjoys training of all kinds. He is a very talented agility dog but also is Barbara’s medical alert dog. He is the test pilot dog for the F.I.D.O. Research Team that is creating wearable computing for service and military dogs to better communicate with their handlers. Blitz and Barbara went to Zurich Switzerland in Sept 2014 with other members of the team to present their research at the ISWC convention and Blitz ran the powerpoint from his vest. Blitz was also the first dog ever to “speak” at TEDx with the help of his wearable computing vest that speaks.
Blitz has also appeared in many FORD truck commercials.
“He is truly a joy to own and train and I am amazed on a daily basis how special and brilliant he is!”


Miso is a silver Miniature Poodle who was bred by Suzanne Wesley in FL and came to live with Barbara in March 2014 at 8 weeks.  Miso comes from a long line of drivey agility poodles that have won many medals at international competitons around the world.  Barbara is hoping they can follow in her family’s foot prints and have the same success.  Miso has been a dream to raise and train.  She was cast in her first commercial at 7 months old and has already flown to Finland for a week of agility training.  Miso will be having her agility competition debut March 2016.  Big , bright future for this little poodle!



Piper is a 6 years old Parson Russell Terrier who came to live with Barbara when she was 2 years old. She belonged to Barbara’s long time friend and breeder, Elizabeth Claridge that passed away unexpectedly. Barbara tried to do agility with her but Piper suffered from chronic lameness but found her true love in dock diving. Piper is a favorite at the events due to her crazy personality on the dock and the adorable way she dives into the water. Piper also has been a test pilot for the F.I.D.O program. She loves all dogs and is the best at teaching puppies of all sizes appropriate dog manners. She has been a great addition to the family.



Is a Border Collie that was purchased at 7 weeks old from Thompson’s Border Collies in New Kent, VA. Barbara had no intention of getting a Border Collie but while visiting the farm to evaluate a puppy for a friend Brazen made it very clear that she had picked Barbara. There was an instant connection between the two of them. Though Brazen was not an easy puppy, she has reminded Barbara that each dog is sent to us for a reason to teach us something. Brazen has taught Barbara a lot already and will continue to teach her many things. Barbara is really learning how to truly enjoy the journey with her.


December 2006, Barbara adopted a Miniature Poodle named Mystery from Shenandoah Animal Shelter in VA. Mystery’s original owners had purchased him as a “fashion accessory” to sit on their sofa and look pretty. Mystery had other plans. At 10 months old he found himself left at a shelter. Their loss was Barbara’s gain because he has been an amazing agility dog. He started his agility career in 2008 and was extremely successful. He was a pleasure for Barbara to train and always made her laugh. Mystery passed away at 7 years old due to complications from his PRA.  “He took a huge piece of my heart with him”


is a Chihuahua that Barbara adopted from Saving Grace Rescue in NC when she was 7 years old. She was rescued from a puppy mill that no longer needed her since she was not producing puppies anymore. She was very sick and Barbara only expected her to live 6 months or so. Barbara decided Cordelia deserved a good home even if it was only for a few months. Cordelia’s teeth were rotting out of her mouth, she had no hair and had an auto immune disease. Cordelia is 12 years old today and does absolutely nothing except what she wants! She is the princess. She comes to trials and is the cheerleader. She enjoys traveling and hiking but sleeping in her big comfy beds is her most favorite past time. She recently started growing hair since moving to GA a few months ago. Guess the south agrees with her! Sadly Cordelia passed away Nov 2015 at the ripe old age of 17 years old.  She will be greatly missed.


In 2000 Barbara adopted a 11 month old Rottweiler named Taelyn from Northeast Rottweiler Rescue. Taelyn was tiny girl and very athletic. About 2 months after Barbara had adopted her she started exhibiting extreme dog aggression. Barbara did intense behavioral rehabilitation to stop this behavior so Taelyn could have a career in performance sports. Taelyn started agility at about 2 years old. She was very successful in agility, accumulated titles in Obedience and Rally and did well in tracking and carting. Taelyn retired from agility when she was 7 years due to a shoulder injury. She then went onto do therapy work. She was a member of Caring Canines in Richmond VA and also a member of the R.E.A.D. group which sends dogs into schools to help children with reading. She was a favorite among both groups because of her steady and calm temperament. Barbara also used her extensively in her own business to help other dogs with their aggression towards dogs. When Taelyn was 8 years she contracted encephalitis and almost died. Taelyn passed away at 12 years old.  She left a huge hole in the family and our hearts.


In 1998 Barbara adopted her first dog named Cabal. He was a 9 month old Chihuahua from Chihuahua Rescue & Transport in NH. He came to her with cherry eyes and a ton of behavioral problems. She worked at a veterinary hospital at the time and had a lot of support and was up to the challenge of helping this dog. Barbara noticed shortly after that he had unusual explosive aggressive episodes. He was fear aggressive towards people and other dogs and was fearful of everything in his atmosphere. Through a lot of diagnostic work he was eventually diagnosed with a chemical imbalance. With a plan of action in place Barbara set to work to socialize this dog so he could enjoy life. Though he was a managed dog throughout his life, he had a very successful performance dog career and enjoyed many things from hiking and vacationing with his family. Cabal is the reason Barbara became a trainer. She realized there were so many dogs out there that needed help and not enough people that knew how to help them. He taught her so many lessons. Cabal started agility when he was 1 1/2 years old. He competed successfully until he was 8 when he had to be retired. He had gone blind due to an illness called PRA which is common in Chihuahuas. When he retired he was the 9th ranking Chihuahua in the country. Throughout his life Cabal and Barbara did many sports together including obedience, tracking and carting. Sadly Cabal passed away when he was 9 years old due to a lung tumor.