“Barbara has taught Tori how to have restraint, taught her to listen and look to me, gave us the start of a routine that works very successfully in my house and taught her how to behave out in the world. Barbara taught me patience, gave me confidence as a dog owner and taught me how to be the pack leader to Tori, Timmy and Capone.”

Leslie Bell
Mechanicsville, VA


“Barbara was able to explain with firm and clear direction all the techniques, terminology, and behaviors that were expected and should be achieved. She was always prepared for class as well as watching out for our complete understanding before proceeding with the next lesson. Barbara has not only taught me the valuable techniques needed to train my dog but she also explained the logic behind the actions with patience and many hands on demonstrations.”

Michaele Upshur
Richmond, VA


“Throughout several sessions, where this very smart Poodle often outsmarted me, Barbara was competent in providing effective tools which are benefiting in Annie’s maturity. I have found the results of her continued, steady, objective and professional approach to training very effective and so very helpful.”

Joyce Stargardt

Richmond, VA


“Barbara has a keen ability to “read” a dog and was constantly aware of Stewie’s mental state. She was careful not to frustrate or overwhelm him, but at the same time she required his and my best performances. She would not let any detail go unaddressed. All of this was done in a very positive and caring manner. I always knew that Barbara was expecting the best of Stewie and me in order to make me a better dog handler and Stewie a better agility dog. ”

Joan Nuttle
Mechanicsville, VA


“Barbara has worked with my personal dogs and with many of our fosters through Richmond Boxer Rescue. She gave my boxer, Ozzy, a great foundation in agility training which I hope will lead to a successful career. She has also helped many of our foster parents and adopters with issues that may otherwise have caused the dogs to lose their homes. She has worked with our fosters on everything from aggression issues to basic obedience to teaching hand signals to a deaf dog. Barbara has been vital in making our dogs more adoptable and will be
GREATLY missed here in Richmond!”

Sarah Osbourne
Richmond Boxer Rescue
Richmond, VA


“Parker and I are thoroughly enjoying training with Barbara. Parker is a high energy, easily distracted dog, and Barbara quickly saw that she was lacking consistent rules and consequently having a ‘party of 1’ on a regular basis. Barbara is always prepared with a lesson, and yet takes the time to answer my questions and make sure I understand what we’re doing and why. Going back to basics, and keeping me consistent with applying the rules, while always having fun, has helped Parker and I become a team. We’ve gone from a ‘party of 1’ to a ‘party of 2’ and we’re having a blast! ”

Christy Waehner
Atlanta, GA


“As a first time dog owner of two littermate miniature schnauzers, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Barbara! Knowing nothing about agility going in, Barbara was patient with me as she built our foundation for a successful, safe and fun journey! Barbara had several different approaches to accomplish both of my dogs’ unique and specific goals. When one method did not work, or wasn’t as successful as what we were looking for, she made sure we did not get discouraged or give up! She brings in the world’s best instructors for seminars so we are constantly learning and improving. I am honored to call Barbara my instructor and friend!”

Lauren Pointer
Johns Creek, GA


“Barbara Currier and Party of 2 Agility has done more for me and my dogs in the last couple of years than the 4 previous years of training combined. Working with Barbara, I have the learned the “science” of running agility not just doing agility by the seat of my pants. My dogs are grateful that Party of 2 Agility came along when it did. They got tired of having such a bad handler J I refer people to Barbara all the time because I really believe in her and what she’s doing at Party of 2 Agility.”

Kathy Rakestraw

Ballground, GA